Start a Social Network: Johnston’s 10 Picks for Easy Software

by Peg Corwin

how to start a social network

Just came across Mike Johnston’s list of 10 software platforms that allow you to easily start a social network.  We haven’t done such a list in a while, and such software sprouts up and evolves quickly.

Software to Start a Social Network

Johnson, who writes on the CMS Critic blog, lists these self-hosted solutions for how to start a social network:

  • Buddypress
  • Eligg
  • Commons/Drupal Commons
  • SocialEngine
  • JomSocial
  • Ning
  • SocialGo
  • Spruz
  • PhpFox
  • Dolphin

Johnson’s post provides hyperlinks, brief descriptions and a graphic on the interface.  His list will be useful to those who want software suggestions and those weighing the pros and cons of various platforms you might use to start a social network.

Are there any here that you had not heard of?

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