Pinterest Tips for Business Marketing

by Peg Corwin

Pinterest Tips for Business Marketing

Today I share my new Pinterest board: Pinterest tips for business marketing.  Pinterest is a hot new niche social network, a photo sharing website, that allows members to “pin” images from around the web in groups called boards. Others can then re-pin those images.

Who Pins?

Observers are saying that Pinterest consumes women like computer games consume men. And while it started among young women, those of all ages are embracing it.

Imagine planning a wedding or designing a room or putting together an outfit or deciding what sites to see on a vacation. All these are reasons to group images and share those grouping to get feedback. That’s Pinterest.

Businesses for Which Pinterest Seems to Work

Magazines, ecommerce sites, and product-oriented businesses can benefit from Pinterest activity. As users pin images from those sites, the images are shared far more widely than they originally might have been.  And each image links back to the site where it came from, potentially driving traffic to your business.

Pinterest Tips for Business Marketing

Here is a Pinterest board with Pinterest tips for business marketing. 

As of this writing, you need an invitation to join. Email me at and I’ll send you one.

Come join me and start pinning.