Social Networks for Freelancers See Massive Growth

by Peg Corwin

Niche social networks for freelancers grow rapidly.

Niche social networks for freelancers include marketplaces like and  Sarah Kessler writes on Mashable that these Networks for Remote Contractors See Massive Growth.

In these online marketplaces, businesses post projects and freelance web designers, marketers, and programmers create profiles, bid on work and get paid.

The number of freelancers is doubling on these sites.  Why?  Because freelancers like the freedom they make possible.  Also more and bigger businesses are getting comfortable using them.

Odesk SEO Swart “points to three trends that have helped remote work take off over the past few years: better Internet tools, a bad economy that requires companies to produce more with fewer resources and worker expectations.”

Have you used one of these social networks for freelancers?  Will the explosive growth continue?