Best Social Network Software

How one determines the best social network software depends on many factors.  Cost, scale of the network, flexibility and stability are all issues, as is support. Here find blog posts and directory links on the topic.

Best social network software to start a social networking website.


Links on Social Network Software Alternatives

This is a roundup of the best links on social network software on this blog.  It includes discussion, critiques and resources.

Start a Social Network: Johnston’s 10 Picks for Easy Software
Johnson, who writes on the CMS Critic blog, lists ten self-hosted solutions to start a social network.

Membership Website Software Alternatives
This post describes  links to free, turnkey and open source software programs that can be used for membership websites of varying sophistication.

Software for Your Social Networking Website or Online Community: Open Source CMS Options
In March 2009, Idealware, a nonprofit serving nonprofits, produced Comparing Open Source Content Management Systems:  WordPress, Joomla, Drupal and Plone. Read excerpts and find a link to the report.

How to Start a Social Network, Part 3: Networking Software and Developer Contracts
This post offers very introductory links to existing software platforms and a couple links and suggestions for working with developers.

Social Network Software Comparisons from Wikipedia
See this tabular comparison of software, scrips and plugins.

Posts on Specific Social Network Software

Create an Online Community or Simple Social Networking Website.  With Ning
Yes, you can create a simple social networking website.  And you can do it in a couple hours.  Ning is no longer free, but it’s very inexpensive, depending on the features you want.

Glam Media Acquires Ning: Easier Ads on Niche Networks
“Glam Media says that it will use Ning to create the first “next generation media company in the post-social world” by leveraging Ning’s technology and content with Glam’s 2,500 publishers and massive advertising platforms.  Access to this advertising network is an advantage for social network owners.

Building Social Networks Using Drupal: Good Reference Manuals
The reviewer says:  “I have bought and read numerous books on Drupal. Most were not worth the money. Nevertheless three I found very valuable, because they were well written and were in plain English.”

Niche Social Network Software: Interview with Jasper Aguila of SocialEngine
Social Engine is social networking software, one option to consider as a platform for your social network.  We caught up with Jasper Aguila, community manager at Social Engine, to learn about its special features, revenue options and social integration.

What’s the Best Social Network Software?

What’s the best social network software?  That’s hard to say.  You have to do your homework, and pick a platform that’s right for your business.