How To Start A Social Network Series

Start a Niche Social Network

If you’d like to learn how to start a niche social network, you’ve come to the right place. Topics for Creating a Niche Social Network Evaluate your Idea for Niche Investigate Social Network Business Models for Monetization See Lists of Niche Networks on Various Topics Write a Social Network Business Plan Select the best Social Networking Software Launch a Niche Social Network Get […]

How to Start a Social Networking Website in Your Niche | Part 1

So you want to learn how to start a social networking website for your niche? You need more than an online forum — you want to build a brand and revenue stream you can sell. You’ve done an informal survey of your friends and they can’t wait to join. It sounds so simple, but what’s […]

Social Networks as Walled Gardens or Public Utilities? Part 17

Where are social networks going? What’s the trend in revenue models for these sites?  How does this affect those who want to start a niche social network? I just discovered Bernard Lunn’s provocative post “The Fork in the Road for Social Media,” thanks to my Seattle friend Robbin Block.  Lunn is skeptical about the viability […]

Freemium Instead of Ad Model as a Social Network Business Model? Part 7

A post by Mark ‘Rizzn’ Hopkins on the “Economics of New Media: Pay to Play or Free?” has just alerted me to a conversation on alternatives to the prevalent advertising model. Alternatives to the Ad Model? His post summarizes the back and forth on various blogs, and offers his contribution: “The best way to make […]

The Challenge – New and Returning Members of Social Networks | Part 19

I posted a poll on this blog asking “What’s the biggest challenge in starting a social networking website?” Members of Social Networks In response, 48% said: “getting and keeping members.” An article in Wired on the social network UrbanBaby highlights this business problem. UrbanBaby had build up quite a following, according to Clive Thompson’s “The […]