How To Start A Social Network Series

Start a Social Network, Another One to Join? Humorous Video

December 12, 2011

Start a social network and ask your friends to join?  Simple, but lots of sites are starting and asking friends to join. Does the world need another one? Not Google Plus Enjoy this spoof video on those who start a social network and invite us poor busy friends to sign up, post and share.  The […]

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How to Start a Social Network: A Search Story

August 4, 2011

Let’s have fun with how to start a social network.  Enjoy my quick “search story”, using this blog as a theme. Why not make a search story for your niche social network?  It’s real easy.  Just click HERE.  After you type text on the line, look below for what Google tentatively displays.  Hit the eye […]

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How to Start a Social Networking Website Part 19: New and Returning Members

October 20, 2008

I posted a poll on this blog asking “What’s the biggest challenge in starting a social networking website?” In response, 48% said: “getting and keeping members.”  An article in Wired on the social network UrbanBaby highlights this business problem. UrbanBaby had build up quite a following, according to Clive Thompson’s “The Wrath of Moms.”  (Buy […]

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