How To Create a Social Networking Site

How to create a social networking site from scratch

If you’d like to learn how to create a social networking site from scratch, specifically a niche social network, you’ve come to the right place.  Below are a series of posts on the basic steps involved. And be sure to incorporate your ideas into a social network business plan.

Series on How to Create a Social Networking Site:

Part 1: Background, Manuals and Lists

Part 2: Business Models and Revenue Streams

Part 3: Networking Software & Developer Contracts

Part 4: The Value Proposition

Part 5: Estimating Revenues for CPM Ads

Part 6: Why People Join

Part 7: Alternatives to The Advertising Model?

Part 8: Startup Financing  and more on Financing a Social Network Site

Part 9: Adsense, Ad Networks and Direct Sales

Part 10: How to Start a Social Network: Engagement

Part 11: Community Building’s 3 R’s

Part 12: Against the “Freemium” Biz Model

Part 13: Another Huge List of Niche Sites

Part 14: Bizarre List of 50

Part 15: LinkedIn’s Revenue Model

Part 16: Report on Revenue Streams

Part 17: Whither Social Networks — “Walled Garden” or “Public Utility” Revenue Model?

Part 18: A Two-Pronged Marketing Plan

Part 19: New and Returning Members

How to Build a Social Networking Website

This blog has many other posts on the topic how to create a social networking site.  But this series should start you on the right path.


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