Niche Social Networks

Niche Social Networks: Posts on Niches. Business Models, Valuation, Financing Here’s our master page of posts on all aspects of niche social networks — pros and cons, interesting niches, business models, valuation, financing, and lists.

Advantages of Niche Networks

Why Niche Social Networks Encourage More Meaningful Interaction Niche networks offer the opportunity for meaningful social interaction, according to the Mashable blogger Tom Cortese.

 The Social Network Paradox | TechCrunch “…we need to create products that encourage discussion, experiences, and lasting, meaningful relationships…”

Interesting Niches

Another Niche Social Network in Education? Student Life Network for College Organizations Who would have thought to create another niche network in education, aimed at college students?  Those at Student Life Network.

Niche Social Network for Photos, for Visual Sharing: Pinterest Have you heard of the hot  niche social network for photos called Pinterest?  It’s also a social bookmarking site.

Another Niche Social Network: Does The World Need Yours? “Does the world need your niche social network?”  asks Josh Mendelsohn of the Better Marketing Blog.

Start a Social Network, Another One to Join? Humorous Video Enjoy this spoof video on those who start a social network and invite us poor busy friends to sign up, post and share.  The video describes a new network called “Not Google Plus.”

Social Network Business Models for Niche Networks

Niche Social Network Advertisers Drawn to Desirable Income Profile Niche network advertisers are hard to land.  Here’s one niche site that has signed partnerships and sponsorships with brands like Wells Fargo, Fiat, David Yurman, Saks Fifth Avenue and General Motors.

Advertisers and Niche Social Networks Blogger Blaise Nutter last month gave big advertisers “5 Rules for Marketing in Niche Social Networks.”

Social Network Business Models Entrepreneurs are exploring various social network business models, and the jury is still out on what works best.   This page brings together posts from this blog on the general topic of online business models, and on specific business models used by a niche networks.


Valuation Lessons from the Linkedin Bubble Controversy In his New York Times article Waiting for Gravity to Hit Linkedin, James Stewart describes valuation methods that niche networking sites should recognize.

What 3 Lessons Can Niche Networks Learn from the MySpace Sale? This week, News Corp sold MySpace for $35 million, a property they had purchased for $580 million.   What lessons are in this for niche networks?  Here’s my take.


The Niche Social Networking Website Piazza Raises 1.5 Million Dollars Why can a site like this get funding with no revenue?  I think the answer is fast adoption (330 colleges in 2 years) and deep engagement (users spending 2-3 hours on the site per day.)

Financing a Social Network Site Financing for social network websites is a challenge.  You have a chicken and egg problem.  You need money to grow and get traction.  But in order to get investors, you need to show that your social network membership is increasing exponentially.  And that these members want to buy services or products in the niche.  Find posts about that struggle here.

Lists of Niche Networks

How to Start A Social Networking Website Part 14: Bizarre List of 50 CNET provides this list of 50 bizarre social networking websites. 50 Most Bizarre Social Networks.  I serve it up here to help you check out the competition in your niche.

Another Huge List of Niche Sites Sorry, friends. I missed “Social Networking GOD:350+ Social Networking Sites” at Mashable way back in October ’07.

Featured Social Networking Websites and Communities This post showcases links to my social networking website “friends.”