Social Network Engagement

Social network engagement of members and fans Social network engagement is the holy grail for owners of social network websites.   Without a growing number of active users, a social networking website dies a slow death.  What are proven techniques to encourage such engagement?

Social Network Engagement Techniques

Find here a selection of our best posts on how to strengthen social network engagement on your social networking site.

social network engagement

Best Practices for Social Engagement

What Are Best Practices for Social Engagement in Online Communities and Social Networking Websites? eMarketer summarizes best practices for encouraging engagement in social networks and online communities.  In the screenshot from that article, above, rich content tops the list.

How to Start a Social Networking Website, Part 6:  Why People Join If you understand the 4 reasons why people join, you have a better change of engaging them once they are there.

Kick Start that Community: 9 Ways to Start to Grow Your Community or Social Network from Jeremiah Owyang Based on years of working on web and social media in California, Owyang has come up with 9 activities, including such activities as rewards for filling out profiles, creating compelling content on a regular basis, participating in conversations, and more.

How to Start a Social Networking Website, Part 10: Engagement How do you get members of a social network to become active, to engage with your site? The pros tell us that you have to consider how different groups behave in your network, and tailor your strategies accordingly.

How to Start a Social Networking Website, Part 11: Community Building’s 3 R’s Social media pro says you can’t grow a site without Relationship-building, Rewards and Reciprocity.

Measuring Social Network Engagement

The only way to know if you are succeeding in engaging members is to track relevant statistics.  But which ones give evidence of social network engagement, and how to you measure them?

Online Community Engagement Metrics — What Should You Track? How do you measure growing engagement in a social networking website or online community?  What metrics should you track?

What I Learned about Customer Engagement and Loyalty at Alterian’s Engaging Times Summit Find ten customer engagement themes from this conference, and how I plan to apply them.